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The Age of Candidate Experience

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Great reshuffle, greater demand

Across Europe, the majority of employers plan to increase headcounts to power business growth and keep up with the pace of change. These plans will prove difficult to fulfil amidst a skills shortage that is unlikely to end any time soon in an ageing Europe. Attraction isn't the only challenge — talent already has one foot out the door, with an average of 61% of professionals open to and considering changing jobs in 2022. The old attraction and retention dilemma has a new meaning in the age of candidate experience. How will your organisation adapt to the new forces at play?

Recruiting trends - Block 2

As the world of work transforms, mindsets need to evolve

Under market pressure, employers stick with what they know and increase salaries to attract and retain talent. Simultaneously, organisations of all sizes and sectors are dealing with strategic and structural changes propelled by the accelerated shift to digital of the past two years. A revolution in the ways people work and organisations operate is unfolding, and unlocking the vital skills for individual and organisational success equals competitive advantage. Just how prepared are employers for a future that is already here?


Struggling to attract and retain talent?

Explore the current forces at play between employers and professionals in Europe and find clues that can help your organisation solve the attraction and retention equation.

The Age of Candidate Experience aims to help employers understand the current and arising macro dynamics influencing European labour markets, providing insights and possible solutions for shared European challenges.

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