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The Age of Candidate Experience

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A renewed understanding of an old dilemma

European employers are being put to the test. While businesses increase automation and optimise processes in our era's continuous technological upgrading, highly skilled talent is lacking. So how can employers attract and retain talent? The old continent needs to rethink, adapt, and deploy answers fast because the future is now.

Based on findings from Hays studies carried out in 11 markets, this white paper provides employers in Europe with pertinent insights on turning current talent challenges into opportunities. We focus on how employers and professionals are reacting to the changing context, the skills shortage facing employers in Europe and its possible solutions, and in understanding today’s skilled workforce and how employers can adapt strategies to match talent needs and expectations.


Struggling to attract and retain talent?

Explore the current forces at play between employers and professionals in Europe and find clues that can help your organisation solve the attraction and retention equation.

The Age of Candidate Experience aims to help employers understand the current and arising macro dynamics influencing European labour markets, providing insights and possible solutions for shared European challenges.

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